Democrats Try To Change 50-50 Senate Split – They Just Introduced Bill To Give Washington D.C. Statehood And 2 Senate Seats

What’s Happening:

Democrats don’t seem to like the fact that Republicans still have a voice in D.C. They want to ensure not a single conservative has say in our country for years to come.

How do we know? Well, with the 50/50 split in the Senate, Democrats can’t railroad their agenda through Congress.

They’ll have to cooperate with Republicans, to avoid the filibuster.

But that’s okay. They’ve just come up with a plan to make sure there won’t be a balance of power ever again.

From Western Journal:

On Wednesday, Democratic Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware introduced a bill that would make the District of Columbia a state. The bill to make D.C. the 51st state was first proposed in 2013…

But Republicans argue that the whole idea is a political scheme because the residents of D.C. are overwhelmingly Democrats — which means the Senate would most likely add two Democrats to its ranks if the district became a state.

Democrats have proposed bills to make the city of D.C. into a full-fledged state.

Not only is this ridiculous, given its small size, but it gives Democrats potentially two more senators.

The city of 700,000 is mostly Democrats. They wouldn’t have much in the way of House representation, but they would get two senators.

This would probably give Democrats at least a two-person majority, no matter how the rest of the Senate looks.

Republicans slammed this idea from the start, calling it a power grab. But why should this surprise us?

Demcrats have been promising to add more states to the Union, regardless of what we want.

They promised to pack the courts, add more senators, and do whatever they can to expand their control.

It seems Democrats’ motto these days is “get power by any means necessary.”

The only glimmer of hope is that Republicans can easily thwart this plan in the Senate. Republican senators can block a vote on this bill with the filibuster, which appears to remain intact.

But sooner or later, the Democrats will try to add D.C. or somewhere else, to the country.

Do you think Republicans should stop this Democrat push for more states?

Source: Western Journal