After Biden Signs 4 Racial Equity Orders – Ben Carson Turns The Tables On Democrats

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden is moving quickly to push his radical leftist ideas into every part of government.

But, despite his rapid-fire executive orders, he’s already getting major pushback.

He signed for orders trying to address “racial equity,” such as discriminating on behalf of certain races over the Fair Housing Act.

Joe might have thought he was finally doing something for minorities. But Ben Carson had something to say about it.

From Daily Wire:

Reacting to the EO, former HUD Secretary Ben Carson hit the Biden administration for framing the issues with housing in “racial terms.”

“We don’t need to do that,” Carson said on Fox News airwaves in response to the “racial” framing. “What we need to do, again, is look at the reasons that people are having trouble buying houses. A lot of times it’s because of the financing, and the way to financing was administered. And those are the kind of things we were working on very seriously, and have made some real progress on.”

Ben Carson slammed Joe Biden’s attempts to cast housing issues in “racial terms.”

Carson, the former head of Housing and Urban Development, explained that there are many reasons why some people can’t afford housing.

Often, it’s because of the way financing is administered. Joe Biden wants us to believe if a person of color can’t buy a home, the system is “racist.”

When, in reality, the system has problems that go beyond race. Biden can’t seem to see that.

In fact, Carson, while head of HUD, made real progress on that. Because he was focusing on the real problems and finding solutions.

It seems Biden is more concerned with pandering to the far-left with his orders. He cares more about throwing out “racial terms” instead of looking at the situation as it really is.

That might impress social justice warriors, but will it really help Americans find affordable housing?

Carson doesn’t think so.

For four years his agency made real progress to ensure all Americans have access to quality housing.

Will Joe Biden’s administration continue in that work, or just sign orders that appear to do little more than virtue signal?

Source: Daily Wire