Democrats Pull The Rug Out From Maxine Waters – After Judge Says She Endangered Case, Some Colleagues Back Censure

What’s Happening:

Maxine Waters may have just inflicted a devastating wound to her own party—and her own colleagues are now furious with her.

The longtime California Democrat was escorted from D.C. to Minnesota with police protection, and then proceeded to tell a crowd of “protesters” that if they didn’t get the right verdict, they should “get more confrontational.”

More confrontational? What’s more confrontational than burning businesses and shooting at the National Guard? We worry to think about the potential consequences.

The Chauvin judge publicly denounced her comments, saying Waters may have given Chauvin a way to overturn the case on appeal. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy called on Nancy Pelosi to punish Waters, but instead Nancy Pelosi refused to denounce her.

But not some other House Democrats. Some are reportedly furious with her, and they’re willing to take action against her. And with such a slim House majority, Maxine might actually be held accountable for her alleged incitement.

Trump responded with:

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