Cost Of Capitol National Guard Protection Spills Out – Report Claims Taxpayers Are On The Hook For Half A Billion

What’s Happening:

Despite a lack of evidence for a credible threat to D.C., Democrats like Pelosi have demanded the National Guard “protect” the city.

Many Americans were outraged at the treatment of our men and women in uniform. They were forced to sleep on office floors and then later kicked out and forced to sleep in garages.

Even though the Inauguration ended last month, Democrats still wanted the apparent “show of force.”

Meanwhile, violent protests have broken out in blues states.

But Americans are going to be outraged again, when they learn how much this will cost them.

From Business Insider:

The cost of deploying about 26,000 National Guard troops to secure the US Capitol in the wake of the deadly January 6 riot is nearly $500 million, US military officials said Thursday…

Officials said the nearly $500 million includes the costs of transporting Guard troops from their states to Washington, their salaries and benefits, as well as housing and other essentials. The officials were not authorized to publicly discuss internal figures and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Oh, that’s a laugh. They are charging us $500 million for “housing and other essentials.” Why is it costing Americans half a billion dollars to force soldiers to sleep on the street?

Do “other essentials” include the overflowing Port-a-potties that have been seen on social media?

Why should it cost us so much to transport guardsmen from one part of the country to the other? I doubt they were taking first-class flights.

This is to cover the costs of keeping troops in D.C. until Mid-March, mind you. Despite the lack of a threat.

Half a billion tax dollars will go to cover the expenses of 5,000 to 7,000 remaining troops. Really? That much to tell soldiers to sleep on the floor and eat rations. I doubt it.

The smartest thing Texas, Florida and a few other states did was recall their troops. At least those governors are trying to save us money.

Do you think Washington should be spending this much taxpayer money on protection?