After Republicans Stand Together Against Schumer – Kamala Harris Is Forced To Break Her First Tie

What’s Happening:

Well, well, well. So much for unity, huh? Democrats quickly abandoned the idea of working together when it came time to provide a new, massive relief bill.

Not willing to negotiate with Republicans, they forced a reconciliation that would not require their support (otherwise, they would have needed 60 votes to pass a new bill).

But Republicans were not beaten. They forced Democrats to vote on a long list of amendments. And they all held together, refusing to buckle.

From Daily Caller:

Vice President Kamala Harris cast her first tie-breaking vote early Friday morning, providing Senate Democrats a simple majority to go forward with a coronavirus stimulus package despite a lack of Republican support…

“The yeas are 50, the nays are 50. The Senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative. And the concurrent resolution as amended is adopted,” Harris said.

Despite the questionable allegiance of RINOs like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, not one Republican was willing to vote for the Democrats’ “nuclear” method of forcing their agenda.

Had Democrats bothered to make good on their “unity” pledge, they would have sought Republican input in a fresh COVID relief package.

Instead, they found a loophole that allowed them to “reconcile” Biden’s massive spending plans with the current budget.

That only required a majority vote, with a tie-breaking vote cast by Kamala Harris.

Not a great way to start Congress under Biden’s administration. Democrats who claim Biden is a “better” president than Trump because he can “unite” the country just proved they’d force their will by any means necessary.

Unity to them, it seems, means “agree with us, or else.” Not sure where they got that definition, but it shows.

The good news is not all legislation can be passed this way. Most bills and other measures require either a larger number of votes or are subject to the filibuster.

Either way, Republicans will be able to fight back, when the left rears its radical head. Considering all Republicans joined forces this time, they might continue to do so.

Do you think Republicans will keep standing up to Democrats?