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Periods are a sign of healthy reproductive cycle. However, the period blood can help you to know about your hormonal health as well. If you observe carefully the colour of your period blood then you can get to know more about your well being.

Periods are often considered just as a monthly process. Every woman feels annoyed with this natural process. However, the blood during periods can also indicate the health of the body. The flow of blood, the clotted blood and diluted blood all these are the signs of your health condition. Periods’ blood is helpful to understand the hormonal balance in the body. The irregular period cycle is often related to hormonal disbalance in the body, but the hormonal disbalance is not just related to the frequency of periods. It goes much deeper than that. The hormones are responsible for maintaining a healthy reproductive cycle of the body. Any changes in menstrual cycle or process are a way of knowing that your body’s reproductive health is not up to the mark. That is why it is important to pay attention to the periods’ blood.

Light shade of red

What does your period blood tell about your health
The colour of period blood is a way of knowing the level of your estrogen levels. If the blood colour is a lighter shade of red, then you might have low estrogen levels. This is not a good sign for your reproductive cycle.

Period flow is watery

What does your period blood tell about your health
Period flow is marked by the thick flow of blood, but if your period flow is water like then it is a sign of nutritional deficiency. If your period flow is a diluted flow then it can be an early sign of anaemia (deficiency of iron).

Grey and red blood

What does your period blood tell about your health
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This colour of periods’ blood is a sign of a serious health problem. Usually in cases of STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) the colour of period changes to grey and blood. Sometimes in case of miscarriage, the period blood acquires a grey and red colour.

Thick jam colour and large clots

What does your period blood tell about your health
Many women face period thick blood flow with clots. However, if the clots are large then it might be a sign of low progesterone levels. There is another possibility that is Uterine Fibroids. If this problem is persistent then it is better to go for an ultrasound.

Dark maroon or brown

What does your period blood tell about your health

This shade of blood just means that the old lining of the uterus is breaking. There is nothing strange about it or any cause of worry. It is the old blood that might not have passed in last menstrual cycle.