He’s working against Trump like a busy evil elf

Well, apparently Mitch McConnell spent his Christmas Day whipping everyone into an anti-Trump frenzy.
At least that’s what’s being reported by conservative media.

According to reports, McConnell got wind of a plot by some senators, namely newly elected senator Tommy Tuberville, to challenge the vote to make it official for bumbling Biden to commandeer the White House, and McConnell’s pissed and working overtime to make sure Biden gets in.

Here’s what journalist David Chapman reported:
“NEW: Senate GOP Leadership has reached out to Senator-Elect Tommy Tuberville to tell him that objecting to the electors will be a “politically damaging move.””


Popular Twitter personality and activist for Trump “Ali,” took to Twitter on Christmas Day where he issued an “emergency broadcast” to call out McConnell and his latest dirty tricks to takedown President Trump.

You can watch the video below:

When Mitch isn’t screwing over the American people with a piddly $600 COVID relief payment, he’s screwing us over by helping Dems “install” a president.

And this is all happening while the GOP is demanding that we the people jump in and support their efforts to keep the Senate in Georgia.
GOP leadership wants to throw out our America First President and silence our voices while demanding we vote to keep them in power because if not the Dems will “screw us over.”

At this point, that’s a hard sell to a lot of people.