It’s an absolutely Crazy world we live in now, but is anyone more crazy than Dr. Anthony Fauci?

This past week Dr. Fauci claimed he took the China coronavirus vaccine.  But the next day he forgot which arm he got his shot in.

The bizarre thing is the Dr. forgot which arm he received the shot and claimed it was a bit sore? reported:

So that begs the question that if these vaccines are the ‘only way to stop the pandemic’ why pretend to get one? If they are so ‘safe’, why the dog-and-pony show? I think you know the answer to that one. We watched vice president Mike Pence pretend to be vaccinated in a shot that didn’t even appear to break the skin, we watch Benjamin Netanyahu pretend to get the COVID vaccine, but by a ‘doctor’ who forgot to wear gloves, who held the tip in the needle in his ungloved fingers, and used a diabetic syringe to boot!

Really, what is going on?  Is this some sort of circus or something?