President Trump won the 2020 election with the most votes by a sitting president in history but it was stolen by the Democrats and their allies in the media, big tech, the courts, the Justice Department and China.

The President’s Party, the Republican Party, doesn’t seem to care.

Sidney Powell tweeted last night what most Americans are thinking about the Republican Party and President Trump:

Powell has a point.  We know that Big Tech announced they would not allow any talk of fraud committed in the election two months before the election took place.

They now mock our President, the winner of the election with the most legitimate votes in history, and highlight his messages with texts claiming they are his superior and ultimate authority of truth and the duly elected President is nothing but a liar:


Big Media has shown its true colors.  Today’s media is worse than Pravda with no mention of fraud in the election and all major networks and websites labeling mentions of massive fraud ‘unfounded’.  We are literally seeing communism in action:

The Justice Department was destroyed under Obama and has never been the same.  They see no crimes in this year’s election – nothing that matters to them – of course they haven’t looked.  Daily we highlight fraudulent actions that impacted the election greatly in every swing state – but former AG Barr couldn’t see anything?

Unfortunately, we have also uncovered that the court system is corrupt as well.  Obama judges seem to all land the big election cases and they slow ride these cases only to eventually dismiss them while deriding the President and his attorneys projecting upon them who they really are.  Yesterday in Georgia the judge over another case just happened to be the former Democrat gubernatorial candidate’s sister – yet the judge didn’t step down for conflict of interest:

Now the Republican Party is turning its back.  Senate leader Mitch McConnell is leading the charge, attacking any Senators who plan to call out the 2020 election fraud against the biggest legitimate winner in US election history:

The House is not much better with only a couple dozen of GOP Representatives willing to stand with the people and the President and demand law and justice.

Those around the President in the White House are also in sad shape with VP Pence indicating he will allow the fraudulent election to proceed even though he has a constitutional duty to stop it.

Republicans have blinders on.  FOX News lost its audience of supporters.  The Republican Party will see worse.  Americans won’t stand for injustice.  Americans want law and order.  Americans love their Constitution and hate those who rip it apart.

Americans hate thieves and hate cowards.

We are seeing the end of the Republican Party.  Its leaders are lost in space.  They have no idea how much Americans hate fraud and injustice.  Republicans are doing nothing about it.  The GOP is over.