Biden’s Cabinet Pick Could Be In Serious Trouble – He Paid His Girlfriend’s Consulting Firm Over $1M


When a new President selects his cabinet, each pick goes under the microscope. And when that happens, sometimes we discover possible issues that could haunt the incoming administration.

For example, Joe Biden has chosen Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to be the Secretary of Labor. On the surface, the Democrat mayor appears to be a relatively solid pick for the post.

But Walsh might not be as squeaky clean as Biden had hoped.

According to recent campaign filings, Walsh allegedly paid his girlfriend’s fundraising consulting firm over $1 million. That’s a significant sum and the Mayor might have to answer some tough questions.

It’s even more noteworthy because Walsh’s girlfriend, Lorrie Higgins, has been a fundraising consultant for the company since 2014.

Then there’s sheer amount of money changing hands in this scenario (via Fox News):

The payments account for more than half of LB Strategies’ political business since 2013.

Payments have steadily increased over the years, but since May 2019 the campaign’s account has paid the firm $14,650 each month. The last payment listed was Dec. 4, 2020.

For the record, Higgins’ work for Walsh in the consulting firm doesn’t violate campaign rules. But the cash amounts, combined with Walsh’s rising profile, may be cause for concern.

LB Strategies clearly isn’t a huge company, and when Walsh accounts for more than half of the company’s political business, it raises questions.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that Walsh raked in $2.7 million in fundraising in the year leading up to his reelection. At the start of January 2021, he had compiled over $6 million.

And with his girlfriend directly involved, people like University of Massachusetts – Boston professor Maurice Cunningham think it looks fishy:

It’s the kind of thing that voters are concerned about. It looks like nepotism in some form.

Political and financial ties will always be examined for high-ranking politicians. That goes double for members of a new President’s cabinet.

Right now, it appears Walsh might want to clear things up here — and his girlfriend might want to offer a few statements and explanations, too.

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Source: Fox News