Biden Nominee’s Closet Swings Wide Open – She Owns Millions In A Company Accused Of Destabilizing Border

President Joe Biden vowed to clamp down on corporations that might’ve contributed to America’s opioid crisis. This was one of his many promises issued during the 2020 campaign.

Now, though, it looks like one of his own staffers may have a connection to the country’s ongoing drug problem. Ironically, this individual holds a high-ranking position in the Justice Department.

And now she’s facing some serious accusations.

Biden’s choice for associate attorney general, Vanita Gupta, appears to be well-qualified for her new job, and many Democrats were quick to support the President’s pick.

She would also spearhead the DOJ’s push to investigate the opioid crisis, which Biden’s campaign website promised would happen if Joe got elected.

But if this new information is accurate, she might actually be linked to certain companies her department is supposed to investigate.

From Fox News:

According to an August 2020 Bloomberg report, American company Avantor sold acetic anhydride to cartels that used it to make high-grade “china white” heroin and methamphetamine.

Biden’s pick for associate attorney general, Vanita Gupta, owns between $11 million and $55 million in the company’s stock, according to her financial disclosure form as reported by ABC News.

The situation seems both simple and concerning:

Biden’s associate attorney general nominee owned millions of dollars in stock, in a company that could’ve aided the Mexican cartels.

Soon after Bloomberg broke the story, Avantor stopped selling acetic anhydride to Mexico. This was also likely due to the country opening up a criminal investigation into the matter.

On top of which, there’s another wrinkle in this report:

Gupta’s father, Raj Gupta, is the chairman of the board of Avantor.

Obviously, this raises more questions, and they could reflect poorly on the Biden administration. If a high-ranking DOJ official – and her family – has controversial connections, that’s a major issue.

For the record, Vanita Gupta has agreed “not to participate in any matters having to do with companies in which her family has financial interests.”

That’s reassuring, but the bottom line is that she has owned (or might still own) many millions in a company that might’ve directly contributed to America’s opioid crisis.

This is why Gupta’s nomination is now facing strong opposition from several Republicans.

They too worry about her business ties. Also, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Ted Cruz (R-TX) cited inflammatory statements she made in the past about GOP members.

She apologized for that, but the strikes are adding up against her.

We’ll also have to see if the President responds to any of these allegations; he hasn’t yet offered any comments on the matter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden’s nominee for associate attorney general may have concerning business connections.
  • Vanita Gupta owned between $11M and $55M in Avantor stock, a company that sold acetic anhydride to Mexico. It’s used to make heroin and methamphetamine.
  • Gupta’s father is also chairman of the board of Avantor.
  • Several Republicans now oppose Biden’s pick, citing these business ties and inflammatory remarks she’s made about right-wingers.

Source: Fox News