When Joe Biden took office, many citizens worried that he might go after their constitutional rights. Specifically, many were concerned that he’d attempt to gimp the Second Amendment.

Those who support 2A have noticed the Biden administration’s stance on gun rights — and it’s probably stricter than many Constitution advocates would want.

Now, it looks like Biden is taking another step in the gun control battle.

A leaked document from the Department of Justice (DOJ) shows that in fact, Biden’s team is taking aim at those who craft their own firearms for personal use.

The 107-page document also wants to change a certain definition of “firearm,” which is bound to ruffle some feathers among gun rights activists and NRA officials.

Specifically, it sounds like the Biden administration wants to clamp down on “ghost guns,” which we’re evidently seeing more and more of.

Then there’s the terminology and definition of the wording here, which is now subject to change. There’s a lot going on in these proposed changes, and gun owners should be aware of them.

Via The Daily Caller:

A Department of Justice (DOJ) document leaked Tuesday sheds light on President Joe Biden’s administration’s plans to restrict privately-made firearms, also known as ‘ghost guns.’

The draft of the 107-page document obtained by The Reload and reported Tuesday sketches the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) proposed changes to federal regulation that will outlaw homemade firearms by unlicensed manufacturers.

The key is this:

Privately made firearms (“PMFs) aren’t required by federal law to have a serial number. So, it makes them difficult to track.

And as the number of PMFs “quintupled” in a four-year span between 2016 and 2020, the Biden administration views this as a potentially serious problem.

The document goes even further, as it wants to change the definitions of regulated firearm “frame or receiver.” They claim it “too narrowly limits the definition of receiver with respect to most current firearms.”

Lastly, they want to change the definition of a Privately Made Firearm:

The new definition will cover any gun without a serial number manufactured by a person not possessing a federal gun-making license.

And according to a February report, Biden has been considering an executive order that would really clamp down on homemade firearms with no serial numbers.

To some, this is just plain government overreach. This is more regulation by the federal government, and more invasion of privacy of individuals.

Those with privately made firearms might say that according to the Constitution, they have every right to own a gun they built themselves. And it shouldn’t have to have a serial number.

While on the other hand, gun control activists will say this is necessary for the sake of law and order.

Either way, this leaked document makes it clear that the Biden administration isn’t taking the issue lightly: they’re going to continue to try to limit the scope of 2A.

Key Takeaways:

  • A leaked DOJ document shows the Biden administration is going after “ghost guns.”
  • They also want to change the definition of a “privately made firearm,” and require that they all have serial numbers.
  • Critics will call this more government intrusion, and say it directly infringes on the Second Amendment.

Source: The Daily Caller