Biden Just Fired 30 Border Leaders In “Purge” – Trump Officials Accuse Democrats Of Wiping Clean Opposing Voices On HSAC

What’s Happening:

Biden and his team really have no vision for the country, besides doing the opposite of what Trump did.

Every decision seems to revolve around undoing whatever the last president did. Even if that means harming the country tremendously.

That even includes “purging” an unpaid council of leaders who provide thoughtful guidance and insight.

Because Biden just fired dozens of experienced, knowledgeable staff, just because they knew Trump.

From Fox News:

Former Trump officials who served in the Department of Homeland Security are criticizing a move by the Biden administration to fire almost every member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council — with one describing it as a “purge” designed to rinse the Council of opposing voices.

The HSAC was set up so that leaders with experience and expertise in security issues like counterterrorism to help guide Homeland Security.

But apparently, Biden would rather wipe out this council, than have anyone around that worked with Trump.


Not only does that put our nation at a disadvantage, but it put an end to important work that was currently going on.

Does Biden think that terrorists will stop their work and wait until a new council is formed? Does Biden really think his Homeland officials don’t need the input of experienced security experts?

From all appearances, Biden has not been picking winners for his administration. The very work picks were rejected by the Senate, over their toxic policies and controversial social media accounts.

The ones that did get in are not much better. They clearly lack the know-how to lead.

Purging an entire council—who were not getting paid—is idiotic. It makes his department less ready and prepared for what might come.

But this is Joe Biden, the puppet of both the D.C. swamp and radical left. He’s not making decisions based on what’s best for our country. Only what is best for his crooked allies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden fired 30 unpaid members of a security council that advised DHS.
  • The members were currently working on important projects.
  • Critics say this was due to the members associated with the Trump administration.

Source: Fox News