What’s Happening:

Democrats tried to put the heat on Attorney General Barr in a recent hearing.

They got nothing.

The DOJ’s case into major investigations of the past has yielded no public results. Now, the left worries Barr might be waiting for the perfect moment to drop a bombshell.

They fear he might be planning an “October Surprise”:

Attorney General William Barr has promised the Justice Department will not take any action to influence the upcoming election. But Democrats and department veterans aren’t so sure about that…

Democrats are monitoring the status of an investigation by prosecutor John Durham, who appears to be looking at intelligence gathering and other actions by the Obama administration in 2016. Barr tapped Durham to look into the origins of the Russia investigation in May 2019.

When Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., asked Barr whether he would commit to not releasing any report by Durham before the November election, Barr said bluntly, “No.”

Democrats fear AG Barr might revealing damaging information about “Obamagate,” the Obama admin’s investigation against Trump, before the election.

They grilled him recently, asking if he would wait to release the information. The man said no.

That suggests there is crucial information his DOJ has uncovered that might hurt the left’s chances as winning the election.

Recent revelations have shown that Obama and Biden might have been involved in the cases against Trump and Michael Flynn.

Biden might be one of the people who sought to “unmask” Flynn, leaking his name to the media.

Democrats wouldn’t be worried unless there was something to worry about.

Their fears don’t prove anything, but it suggests they worry about what Barr’s team has uncovered.

Does that suggest they think Obama and his administration was up to something? Or do they just know Obama’s team never did anything “by the book”?

In any case, Democrats are terrified of what Barr, an uncompromising prosecutor, might reveal just before the election.

Remember in 2016, FBI head James Comey unloaded a bombshell, revealing he was reopening the case against Clinton.

And he wasn’t even loyal to Trump!

Imagine what Barr might reveal this October? Don’t forget to bring the popcorn.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats fear an “October Surprise” from Attorney General Barr.
  • Barr’s DOJ has been investigating the Obama admin’s Russia probe.
  • Barr refused to agree to wait until after the election to reveal what he knows.

Source: NPR