What’s Happening:

Americans watched as Democrat-run cities did nothing as chaos erupted nationwide.

Many mayors and governors rejected Trump’s offer to use the National Guard.

The result, the country suffered damage some estimate reached $2 billion.

Some want answers, others want justice.

Attorney General Barr and the DOJ have been involved for weeks now.

A new report is emerging that suggests Barr wants strict penalties for those who spread mayhem.

And some suggest he was eyeing the mayor of Seattle as well:

Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors in a call last week that they should consider charging rioters and others who committed violent crimes at protests in recent months with sedition, according to two people familiar with the call…

The attorney general has also asked prosecutors in the Justice Department’s civil rights division to explore whether they could bring criminal charges against Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle for allowing some residents to establish a police-free protest zone near the city’s downtown for weeks this summer, according to two people briefed on those discussions.

A new report claims AG Barr wants to charge rioters and others who committed violence with sedition.

Under U.S. law, sedition is an act directly against the government—aiming to overthrow it.

Some are even claiming Barr wanted to see if they could charge Mayor Durkan over her involvement with the CHAZ/CHOP fiasco.

It should come as no surprise that Durkan—and most Democrats—are balking at this report. But let’s take a look at what some rioters have claimed.

Antifa and BLM, along with others associated with the riots, frequently call for an overthrow of our government.

Some of them have been recorded chanting “Death to America,” a line popular in Iran.

They attacked a federal courthouse and other pieces of federal property. Some rioters stormed quiet neighborhoods, dragging guillotines through the streets, demanding residents come out and face “justice.”

The term “sedition” just might be appropriate, in many of these cases.

While the DOJ is now denying Barr wanted charges against Durkan, it can’t be ignored what the mayor did.

She told the Seattle Police Department to stand down as rioters attacked a precinct. The cops were forced to abandon a section of the city, where radical anarchists established an “autonomous zone,” meaning a zone “free” of U.S. law.

The mayor called it a “block party” and suggested it would turn into another “Summer of Love.”

Two people were killed in CHAZ/CHOP. The mayor only intervened after things clearly got out of control.

While she might not be charged with a crime, shouldn’t she be held accountable for what she refused to do?

Key Takeaways:

  • Reports suggest the DOJ will charge rioters with sedition for violent crimes.
  • Some say Barr wanted to charge Seattle mayor over her reaction to CHAZ.
  • Antifa and BLM have frequently called for an overthrow of the government.

Source: Seattle Times