What’s Happening:

According to early reports, Democrats are poised to take Georgia’s Senate seats in the recent runoff elections.

And already rumors are swirling that they don’t want to make the same mistake they made with Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

The hallowed justice was allowed to stay on the Supreme Court until her death. That gave Donald Trump another seat to fill.

Now, with a chance to add their own newcomer to the bench, they are pressuring one liberal judge to resign.

From Politico:

The results of the Georgia Senate runoffs aren’t yet final. But left-wing activists are already pressuring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to take advantage of a possible Democratic majority in the Senate and retire.

Demand Justice, the group founded in 2018 as a progressive response to conservative organizing around the courts, praised Breyer in a statement to POLITICO but encouraged him to make way for a younger liberal replacement and to do it early in Joe Biden’s first term.

Scared that Breyer will stay on until Republicans can add another justice, Democrats are demanding he stop down now.

Should Biden enter the White House, and Democrats control the Senate, it would be easy for the left to replace Breyer now with a younger liberal justice.

It’s no secret Democrats have used the courts to ram their agenda through, for years. If they can’t get Americans on board with their socialist agenda, they always relied on Clinton and Obama judges to do it for them.

But with a 6-3 conservative majority in the SCOTUS, Democrats lost their last line of offense. Breyer is a liberal justice, so replacing him would keep the current numbers.

Their fear is that he’ll hang on for another four or so years, when Republicans could get enough power to decide his replacement.

Pretty sad excuse, if you ask me. Breyer’s served on the court since the 90s—and this is the thanks he gets?

No respect for what he might continue to do on the court—just a demand from seemingly bitter and angry liberals to go away.

So much for gratitude.


Source: Politico