After California Cuts Power To Patriot Business – They Defy The State By Firing Up Their Generators

What’s Happening:

California has been pushing lockdown measures (to one extreme or another) for over a year.

The damage the state has done to schools, churches, and businesses is now incalculable. Many have fled, just to get a chance to earn a living again.

And yet… the government continues to push radical measures that deprive businesses of income. (Not to mention tax them on their PPP relief money.)

One business defied the government, only to get its power cut off. So, they found another way to keep the lights on.

From Business Insider:

The city of Burbank in Southern California cut off the electricity supply to a restaurant that repeatedly defied local orders by remaining open during the pandemic…

The restaurant, which has stayed open despite having its permit revoked, said it would continue to serve customers using its own generator.

An online fundraiser that the owners of Tinhorn Flats set up to cover their legal fees has raised more than $12,000.

How insane does a government have to be to cut the power of a business just trying to make ends meet?

Are Democrats in CA so evil, they’d try to go out of their way to sabotage a company?

The devastating effects of California’s lockdown have left many business owners in dire straits. They can’t pay the bills or keep their people employed.

It’s clear the City of Burbank doesn’t care. They’ll keep taxing failing businesses, all the while cutting off their power to punish them.

So, Tinhorn Flat’s managed to raise money to cover their legal fees as they keep the lights on with a generator.

Not the best solution, but hey, at least they can keep serving customers.

They have only been pushed to do this, because the leftists that run the city think they can control residents’ lives.

Where does it say in the Constitution that the government has the power to cripple a business, over fears of COVID?

Numerous states have reopened restaurants, for months now. They manage to make money while complying with certain measures.

Why can’t Burbank see the light, instead of fighting their own people? Keep that up, they won’t even have a city left to run.

Key Takeaways:

  • Burbank, CA cut off power to a restaurant that refused to shut down.
  • Tinhorn Flats is using a generator to keep the lights on and serve customers.
  • They raised $12,000 to cover legal fees.

Source: Business Insider