With violence and civil unrest spiking once again throughout the country, law enforcement faces a barrage of questions and criticism. Many think the police should be overhauled or even defunded.

Certain Democrats have used recent events to renew their calls to “Defund the Police.” And protesters keep calling out law enforcement officials in the streets as well.

But one anti-police group just went too far — and they paid for their crime in just minutes.

In Central Park in New York City, there’s a large monument of the USS Maine. Like most historic monuments, it’s there to be respected, if not admired.

But several protesters decided to use it to spread their message: they defaced the monument with red paint, spelling out derogatory phrases aimed at police officers.

As you might expect, this didn’t go over well with the local cops.

After all, peaceful protest is one thing but vandalizing historical monuments and spreading anti-police graffiti is indeed a crime, and people should be punished for it.

That’s why the police moved in quickly in this case (via Washington Examiner):

Six people were arrested Thursday after demonstrators in New York City clashed with law enforcement and vandalized a prominent monument in Central Park.

The NYPD acknowledged in a Tweet that while citizens have the right to protest peacefully, this didn’t qualify.

The footage in the video makes it clear what happened, and those arrested were charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest, making graffiti, and obstructing governmental administration.

The police department added that they were working to “de-escalate the situation” so no more vandalism occurs, and people are out of danger.

It’s also obvious that the protesters in question weren’t being even remotely “peaceful.”

According to the report, one 26-year-old female allegedly smacked another individual with a stakeboard and spit on arresting officers. And another was issued a summons for disorderly conduct.

Footage also shows a direct confrontation between law enforcement and protesters, and it’s difficult to defend the protesters’ actions.

In recent years, the definition of “peaceful protest” seems to have changed — or at least, Democrats and other politicians seem to think it has changed.

Apparently, “peaceful protest” can include damage to private and government property, endangering police officers and other civilians, and hostile confrontations.

But as long as the police are allowed to do their jobs and enforce the law, arrests will continue to be made.

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