What’s Happening:

Do you think Nancy Pelosi has Capitol Hill all buttoned up? It may look like the Democrat finally has what she wanted, but not everything might be as it appears.

Her latest interview did not go as well as she probably planned. It seems that, despite a majority in Congress, she is pretty worried about what’s coming next.

Once again, it appears Pelosi’s biggest problem is coming from within her own party. And leftist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the charge.

From Daily Wire:

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at “60 Minutes” host Lesley Stahl during an interview that aired on Sunday evening after Stahl pressed Pelosi on her role in holding up COVID-19 relief for months…

Stahl then pressed Pelosi about the age of the Democrat leadership in Congress and about criticisms from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), one of the most far-left members of Congress, about Pelosi’s supposed reluctance to train younger Democrats for leadership roles.




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Funny how we’ve been seeing liberal journalists hammer Pelosi in recent months. It seems that even the MSM knows it was Pelosi who refused to compromise on a COVID deal.

But it’s even more surprising to see Stahl call out Pelosi for neglect to train the future of their party.

When Stahl references a criticism from AOC about Pelosi’s lack of leadership, she snaps back. In typical Pelosi style, she claims “we are” training future leaders—but doesn’t seem to explain.

AOC slammed both Pelosi and Schumer, saying the Democrats need new and fresh leadership in Congress. It seems AOC was criticizing these leaders’ ages—who are both quite advanced in years.

We know that Pelosi doesn’t do well with criticism—few politicians do. But when posed with a simple question about training leaders, shouldn’t she provide a better answer than “ask her”?

Pelosi has long struggled with pressure from the far-left sector of House Democrats. Maybe AOC is right. If Pelosi spent time training and helping congresspeople, maybe there wouldn’t be as much friction?

We can’t say for sure. But it is clear that Nance doesn’t like getting called out by 60 Minutes. You gotta love it.

Source: Daily Wire