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The name “James Woods” may as well be synonymous with “Twitter burns.”

Whether it’s Nancy Pelosi, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, Chelsea Clinton or Colin Kaepernick, the conservative actor and political commentator leaves no prisoners.

His latest brilliant schooling over the weekend was directed toward a younger crowd than usual — David Hogg.

A survivor of the Parkland school shooting, Hogg quickly became a prominent face of the gun-control movement. He called the NRA “child murderers,” claimed to hang up the phone on the White House, and even defended the sheriff’s deputies who failed to confront the school shooter.

Of course, the left and the mainstream media embraced him and have used Hogg and the tragedy as a political opportunity. Hogg has since made appearances on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and others. He even was featured in an exposé in PEOPLE magazine.

So when Hogg and his sister Lauren decided to publish an especially stupid and naive tweet, Woods held them accountable.

In an effort to further push their gun-control cause, the siblings created “arm bands for change” and encouraged others to wear them as well.

Woods, being the class act he is, commended her for it:

Hogg and students like him are perfectly free to have their opinions and express them — but when they’re held up by the left as the moral voices of our time, someone needs to challenge them when they say stupid things — and James Woods is always up to the challenge.

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