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Remember how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ‘fought mightily’ throughout the Democrat primaries—with Bernie seemingly picking up steam while Team Hillary began to look over its worried shoulder? Turns out ‘the fix’ might’ve been in for months.

The latest WikiLeaks email dump shows top-level Team Hillary members discussing the “leverage” they had over Sanders—to the extent of controlling how Bernie spoke about Hillary during the primary race in May.

It gets even worse, #FeelTheBern crowd.

Another discussion shows Hillary’s advisors scheduling Bernie’s endorsement, and planning how they’ll leverage it to rally the ‘progressive’ vote, in December of last year.


On May 26, 2015, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook sent an email to campaign chairman John Podesta titled “Sanders criticism” expressing displeasure at some mild insinuations the Vermont senator had made about the Clintons’ massive wealth.

Mook is the same man the Observer reports was already conspiring to rig the Democratic primary in April of 2014 by manipulating the scheduling of state primaries, as evidenced by this email, also from the Podesta leaks.

“This isn’t in keeping with the agreement,” Mook wrote to Podesta of the supposed Sanders infraction.

Since we clearly have some leverage, would be good to flag this for him. I could send a signal via Welch–-or did you establish a direct line w him?”

“Welch” was most likely Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT), Bernie’s fellow Vermonter, one of the first lawmakers to endorse his candidacy.

Then there’s this, gang.


In July of 2015, political opinion writer and self-described Clinton supporter Brent Budowsky told Hillary’s campaign that he was writing “friendly and positive” pieces about Sanders as a ruse to get Bernie’s supporters to vote for Hillary in the general election.

Budowsky wrote:

“When the time is right I will have money in the bank with him [Sanders] and his people as a liberal to urge them to come out in force to vote for HRC.”


By S.K.