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There are nine types of butt shape. Read below what your butt shape tells about you:

1. Muscle butt
You are a person that has faith and self-confidence, persistent and committed to high quality in your work. You are physically and intellectually strong, determined and lasting in bed.

2. Round butt
Analysis says that people who have round butt, which is also known as “apple bottom”, have lower risk of heart disease, and also positive look on life. They are ambitious, desiring success and are always struggling to be the best. People who belong to this type are never afraid of lack of success, but in contrary they persist until they achieve success. Nevertheless, round butts are presumably sexually active, money-oriented, honest and direct.

3. Square butt
You are a person desiring success with immense ambition. You have the capacity to go to afar in every business and will not terminate until you have completed something.

4. Wrinkly butt
You are a person that is able to be trusted, rational and calm, when in fact unsymmetrical wrinkles uncover selfish people and also people that desire excessively.

5. Saddlebag butt
If you have this pear shaped figure, then you are very good-looking person. In spite of the fact that you are emotional and loyal in love and marriage, you are not having enough motivation and confidence. Individuals that have this butt shape should not think that have to hide or change something on them. They have many things to offer the world, and have to become friendlier and more sociable.

6. Saggy butt
These people are very friendly and generous person. The ones who belong in this butt shape are very good wives or husbands and attentive mothers or fathers. They are compassionate, trustworthy and encouraging, have perfect sense of humor and they love children. Your husband or wife must be the most fortunate person in the world.

7. Uneven butt
If you are a person with larger left buttock than the right one, then you have to contract marriage as soon as possible, because it is unhealthy for you to be single. But contrary, if you have the right buttock larger than the left one, you will experience many difficulties in your life. For example problems at work –for man; child birth problems-for women.

8. Hairy butt
They are very pleasant and kind people. It must be known that parents, who have hairy butts, give birth to mentally unbalanced, quick-tempered children. If you have red hair on the head and black hair on the buttocks it means that you are talented highly passionate person.

9. Birthmarks on the butt
They are very brave and passionate people. If you have birthmarks in the middle part of the buttocks, then you have to be too solemn and withdrawn. The lower positioning of a birthmark points to the fact that you will have problems with potency and procreation. If you are a person who has one birthmark or two between the “cheeks”, then you will enjoy many years of sex and creation.