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Appearing on MSNBC, Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley said she is pushing for Joe Biden to cancel student debt by executive order “day one” of his Presidency.

“We are finally turning the page on this dark chapter in our history,” Pressley said “But we have been drinking from a fire hose for the last four years, and so on day one, by executive order with the stroke of the pen, canceling student debt is one of the things that I’m appealing to the Biden/Harris administration to do,” Pressley said.

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Pressley argued “This is a racial justice issue, but it’s also about putting as much money back in the pockets of people. It’s its own form of stimulus.”

One Twitter user who disagreed replied “Those who agree to a loan should pay the loan. Grow up and do what you agreed to do. Those of us who pay out debts don’t need to take on yours as well.”