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How to take baking soda internally to lose belly fat, help with UTIs and balance kidney pH

After years of eating a raw food, alkalizing diet, drinking green juices and green powders, lemon water and expensive bottles of alkaline drops, I discovered that good old baking soda is an inexpensive way to protect the kidneys, reverse urinary tract infections and help with weight loss by taking it internally.

What is baking soda?

Simply put its a white powder known as sodium bicarbonate. This simple ingredient has so many amazing uses including cleaning carpets, using its paste to relieve bug bites or as a tooth whitener, as an ingredient for rising cookies and cakes in baking and so much more.

Since we use it in baking, we know it’s safe to ingest. But why would you want to ingest it?

How much is a safe amount?

Since I’m never one to recommend something without trying it first, I can tell you that I have experienced no adverse side effects from taking baking soda internally, and have only noticed great benefits. Here are some things that it has done for me: reduction of belly bloat, reversal of kidney pain (brought on by dehydration and/or dry fasting), great energy when I take it in the morning before a workout. I also use it as a way to balance the acidity of the coffee that I love to drink daily.

Here are some of they ways baking soda can improve your health:

The recipe:

1-2 cups room temperature water, 1/2 tsp. baking soda. Stir all together and drink preferably on an empty stomach (this can be drunk any time of day, but make sure not to take it with supplements or on a very full stomach). Optional: add 2 TBS apple cider vinegar OR lemon juice to help increase weight loss. It doesn’t taste great so just chase it with plain water.

Benefits of using apple cider vinegar and baking soda:

  1. Weight Loss– Along with a healthy diet (low carb, plant-based KETO is my favorite) and regular moderate exercise, baking soda can reduce belly fat and flatten a bloated stomach. If you do this daily, you will start to notice your stomach is flatter during the day, and the fat will start to reduce when done with consistency.  See note in the recipe about Apple Cider Vinegar or lemon.
  2. Urinary Tract Infection  (UTI) Reversal- By alkalizing the kidneys you can reverse a painful UTI. Simply use this drink daily without the Apple Cider Vinegar/lemon.
  3. Relieve Kidney Pain/prevent kidney stones- When the body is acidic, the kidneys can become tender and painful stones can form. A morning and before bed drink is very useful for preventing stones from forming.
  4. Energy and Joy Production- To make an acid-reducing energy drink before or after exercise, stir 4 cups of water with ½ teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of Real Salt (or Celtic salt), and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

How long should you take the baking soda drink for?

At least until the symptoms subside. I would suggest 1 week on and 1 week off so as not to overload your system with too much sodium. But as your body gets more healthy and alkalized by eating lots of veggies, and eliminating processed foods and grains, your intuition will become stronger and you can tune into its needs. Trust yourself and trust your body!

Tips and Cautions When Drinking Baking Soda

  • It is high in sodium, so it is a good idea not to overdo it.
  • If you suffer from liver disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure or edema you should not drink baking soda.
  • Don’t drink baking soda if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • If you take prescription drugs, be sure to ask your doctor before drinking baking soda.
  • Children under five should not drink baking soda.
  • Don’t drink baking soda on a full stomach.
  • Side effects of consumption may include increased thirst and stomach cramping.