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On his latest show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped into a student from Hampshire College who pushed for his school to remove all American flags on campus following Donald Trump’s election victory.

Tucker Carlson began by confronting the student, Daniel Vogel, with a rather perplexing quote he gave Hampshire College’s campus publication.

“Think about the groups who use the flag, from police officers to the U.S. Army,” read Carlson. “These are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen.”

The host went on to point out to Vogel that, “obviously, if the police and the army were to go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive.”

Carlson continued by asking Vogel, “you find America unfair, okay, so what’s a fairer country? Can you think of a country where you’d rather, for example, go on trial.”

Vogel responded by introducing himself as a history major who hopes to one day show his future students clips of his interview with Tucker to demonstrate “the difficulties of the democratic process.”

When Vogel finally got around to answering Carlson’s question, he stumbled a bit and replied, “It’s not really about me, you know. It’s about black people.”

Carlson followed up by asking Vogel, “Do you have perspective on the world? When you say that all police and all cops are bad, do you really know what you’re talking about?”

Like a true liberal academic, Vogel seemed outright offended that Carlson would question his knowledge, which he was apparently quite confident of.

“Do I have perspective on the world?” Vogel repeated, leaning forward. He then proceeded to reel off facts of varying degrees of relevance to Carlson’s question.

“Yeah, I’m well aware that the United States is militarily involved in seven different countries right now beyond Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.

“They’re involved in Libya, they’re involved in… um… plenty of countries in Africa. They have drone bases around the world.”

Carlson responded with a rather unimpressed-sounding, “Right.”

He then proceeded to hammer Vogel some more.

“You’re basically saying, the flag represents evil to the extent that it shouldn’t be flown,” he said.

“My question is, why is it always rich kids who make that point? Why is it always kids from a $62,000 a year college like Hampshire College making that point?”

To hear all the ‘ums and ahs’ and nonsensical rambling that followed, check out the video below.

Hampshire College, in case you don’t remember, is where students burned a U.S. flag on the eve of Veteran’s Day in protest of Donald Trump’s victory.

Following the incident, Hampshire College decided to heed the requests of students like Daniel Vogel and remove the American flag altogether from campus.

In a public statement, Hampshire College president Jonathan Lash explained that he hoped the flag ban would help the school focus on “addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.”

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