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Tucker Carlson criticized the hysteria generated by the so-called deportation forces and raids that some have claimed to be underway since President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

According to Carlson, the number of illegal immigrants deported since Trump took office is minuscule compared to number President Barack Obama had deported during his eight years as president.

“It’s not even clear these are the results of orders given by the president,” Carlson said. “Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. They will be if he follows through on what he’s promised to do. And I think he probably will. But just some context — so, during the Obama administration, over eight years, that administration deported about 2 million illegal aliens from this country. The majority of those were people with felony records. So in the last year, I think they deported something like 170,000 in one year. In the last five days in California, part of the reason for this hysteria, ICE arrested 165 people — 165. So that’s the crackdown.”

By S.K.