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Tucker Carlson annihilated a liberal law professor from NYC who supports ‘sanctuary cities’ which ultimately exploits low-wage labor. Sanctuary Cities

‘Do you ever think ‘how did I get in this place’? OUCH!

Sanctuary Cities

Tucker Carlson: “How did you, a liberal law professor from New York City wind up the spokesman for big employers who exploit low-wage labor? How did you ever think like how did I get in this place? You are defending agricultural and service sector employers who pay low wages. Did you think you were going to wind up in that place when you were a kid?”

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark! This is why we love Tucker Carlson. He shares the same frustrations that we do with these lunatic liberals. I do wonder if they actually know what they are doing or if the mental disorder of liberalism is so severe that it actually makes them think they are doing good for society.



By S.K.