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Demolishes !!


Tucker Carlson has just about had it with Democrats who allege that Russia’s “hacking” of the 2016 presidential election is an “act of war.”

Carlson went to battle with Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.) Monday night on his show over Swalwell’s continued claims that America was “attacked” by Russia. Carlson noted that Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, made the claims again Monday during a hearing that involved testimony from FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.  demolishes

Carlson came out of the gate firing.

“So we were attacked by Russia, so the real question is: ‘How do we respond?’ So let’s get specific,” he began. “Do you think we should we use long-range or short-range [intercontinental ballistic missiles]?”

Swalwell, in response, said that America should deploy “long-range sanctions” on Russia. But Carlson said he wants to take Swalwell’s allegations “seriously” that Russia has “attacked” America and committed an “act of war” against the U.S.

“You said we were attacked by Russia. An attack doesn’t just invite a counter attack — it demands one,” Carlson explained, “else you reveal your fundamental weakness and get attacked again. So my question is: Carrier Strike Group 9 is the closest to Vladivostok [on Russia’s east coast] right now. Should they be mobilized immediately? Should we notify our European allies that their natural gas supplies are about to be cut off? What is our next step in our counter attack?”

Swalwell, however, continued to dodge the questions and the weight of his allegations. He told Carlson that what America should not do in response to “hacking” our democracy is become more friendly with the Russians, while we should increase sanctions on them. Still, Carlson was out to make his point.

“We should talk tough in response to an ‘act of war?’” Carlson asked. “I can’t imagine a more irresponsible response to an ‘act of war’ than talking tough or doubling down on sanctions already in place.”

“We need a real response, I mean, a military response to an ‘act of war,’ ” he reiterated. “I think that the description of this as an ‘act of war’ is hysterical, I mean, it’s lunacy.”

Over the next several minutes, Carlson continued to grill Swalwell over what the “appropriate” response should be to Russia’s “act of war” while Swalwell continued to say that the American response to Russia’s “attack” should be sanctions and a public relations war. demolishes

“The Russians are listening to this, our allies are listening to this, I don’t know how you can describe something as an ‘act of war’ and then recommend in response tepid moves like … sanctions,” Carlson said.

Swalwell went on to get specific about what sanctions we should employ on Russia. He suggested that we help Europe become energy dependent — since they currently get the majority of their natural gas from Russia — which would put a serious strain on the Russian economy.

“This is not military vs. non-military,” Swalwell said. “Ratchet up the sanctions, isolate Russia, make [Vladimir] Putin pay for this.”

Watch the fiery debate below:

By S.K.