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Debates Illegal Immigration

Tucker Carlson called the recent rape of a 14-year-old Maryland student by two illegal immigrants “the sign of a sick civilization at war with itself,” and asked a Baltimore councilman about his vocal opposition to ICE deportation process..

Councilman Zeke Cohen (D-Dundalk) last week sponsored a resolution demanding federal authorities stop enforcing immigration laws in Baltimore, Carlson said.

Cohen said there is no place in America for the sexual violence seen 40 miles away in Rockville recently, but added that recent ICE arrests in Baltimore trouble him about the treatment of immigrants.


Carlson said there is no way to know whether an illegal immigrant will be a productive member of the community or commit another crime unless laws are properly enforced. Debates

He criticized Cohen’s position on ICE, pointing to a CityPaper article quoting the councilman as likening their arrests to Nazis rounding up Jews in Germany.

Cohen referenced recent news about about immigration authorities detaining a father dropping his child off at a school.

“Baltimore is a welcoming city,” Cohen said, calling Carlson’s recent broadcasts on illegal immigration a “Willie Horton-style race-baiting dog whistle.”

Carlson responded that Cohen himself was guilty of using a “dog whistle” to stir controversy by comparing ICE officers to the Nazis.

He added that Cohen refused to “provide a serious answer” to illegal immigrant crimes like the tragedy in Rockville.

By S.K.