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Newsweek political editor, Matt Cooper, claims that his staff played no role in the writing of their “Madam President” edition – nor did he review it before it shipped nationally.

The magazine published two versions of their ‘commemorative’ election edition, but only shipped copies with Hillary Clinton on the cover prior to November 8.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson read excerpts from the Hillary edition that sounded like they had been lifted directly from a DNC talking points memo.

“As the tone of the election grew darker and more bizarre by the day, President-Elect Hillary Clinton ‘went high’ when her opponent and his supporters went even lower,” Carlson recited. “No stranger to trudging through the mire of misogyny in her career as first lady, senator, and secretary of state, President-Elect Clinton continued to push for an issues-based campaign even as a handful of Trump’s most deplorable supporters, seeing the wide margin Clinton held among female voters, called to repeal the 19th Amendment.”

“Who wrote this?” he asked Cooper, in shock.

“It’s embarrassing,” Cooper replied, before launching into a convoluted explanation about how Newsweek had sub-contracted the publication to a third party publisher, also claiming that it had been an accident that the Hillary version shipped to newsstands in advance of Election Day.

Cooper then admitted, “We did not review it before it went out.”

Carlson chastised, “That seems so reckless and crazy to let someone take over your magazine and not even check what they are writing.”

Source : infowars