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free speech

Tucker Carlson got into heated debate with a New York University graduate student who said the College Republicans should be kicked off campus for inviting Gavin McInnes to free speech

Kouross Esmaeli said he was aware that Carlson was a free speech fundamentalist and proceeded to engage the Fox News host in a lengthy argument over what kind of speech was and wasn’t acceptable in a college environment.

With Carlson defending McInnes’ right to speak on campus as being protected by the First Amendment, Esmaeli shot back by asking him, “Do you think people should recruit for Al Qaeda on a college campus?”

“I’m completely against Al Qaeda,” Tucker responded. He further added that he feels anyone should be able to express their political views as long as they are in accordance with the Supreme Court and not inciting imminent violence.

They continued to go at it about what should be allowed in a university setting. At one point, Esmaeli got hung up on someone likening African-Americans to monkeys, and wouldn’t let that go.

The whole nutty segment ended with Carlson laughing at Esmaeli as he said the Fox personality lived in “la-la land” and Carlson mocked him by asking what the rules are for what he can and can’t say. Eventually, Tucker finally cut it off.

“Because you have no principles, that’s why,” Carlson exclaimed at the end. “Everything you’ve been saying for the last 11 minutes has been totally untrue!”

By S.K.