Trump’s Impeachment Verdict Sends Pelosi Spinning – Now Nancy Is Refusing To Consider Censuring Donald

What’s Happening:

Poor Nancy. Poor old, stubborn, confused Nancy. She impeached Trump twice now—and hasn’t succeeded.

Perhaps she wishes she had another speech of his to tear up. Because that seemed to be the only time she was able to best him.

Pelosi was able to get her slim House majority to impeach Trump, without an investigation or evidence. But the Senate let her down, after only seven Republicans choose to turn on the party.

That means, Trump can very well run again if he chooses. Pelosi might not even be in office by then!

Now, Democrats are searching for new ways to “punish” the former president. But bitter Pelosi doesn’t even want to hear it.

From The Epoch Times:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she’s not interested in censuring former President Donald Trump after the Senate acquitted Trump in his second impeachment trial…

She seemed furious about the result of the impeachment trials. She slapped on the table several times and criticized the senators who voted against the conviction as a “cowardly group of Republicans.”

Pelosi was apparently livid that most Republican senators refused to condemn Trump over her accusations.

Sorry, Nance, but if you want to convict someone of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” you should at least bother to conduct an investigation.

The weepy show your House managers put on is not enough to condemn a man. Haven’t you heard of due process?

Oh, wait. This is Nancy Pelosi we’re talking about. Of course, she’s never heard of due process!

Pelosi dismissed the notion of censuring Trump—once again claiming Trump “incited” an event that “killed people.”

If it really was that terrible, Nancy, why didn’t you bother to investigate it and gather evidence? (I repeat myself, but it’s pretty important.)

Did Nancy think all Senate Republicans were RINOs like Collins and Romney? Did she think they’re so cowardly they’d bow to the pressure of the MSM and swamp?

She seems not upset that Trump “got away” with something, but that her little plan failed.

Pelosi then went on to lay a huge egg by saying she was a “champion for the unwavering rule of law.”

Oh, wow, Nance. Really? Do you really want us to remind you of how—all last year—you ignore widespread looting and upheaval in many American cities?

Or how you said you were surprised there wasn’t more of that kind of thing going on? But now we’re supposed to believe this woman not only cares about the rule of law, but is a “champion” of it?

She really has to stop lobbing those balls across home plate. They are getting so easy to hit out of the park.

We all know that Nancy Pelosi appeared to push impeachment, just to stop Trump from running again. Now, there appears to be nothing stopping him from returning to politics in just a few years.


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