Trump’s Envoy Tosses Impeachment Allegations At Kamala Harris – Grenell Says She Financed The Bailing Out Of Rioters

What’s Happening:

Boy, did the Democrats not know what they were doing—when they pushed impeachment.

The first one was damaging enough to their party. But the second was a rush job without an investigation or a shred of evidence.

So, if Democrats are going to “weaponize” impeachment for politics, former acting DNI director and special envoy for peace negotiations Richard Grenell says Kamala Harris should be up next.

From Grenell’s Twitter:

If @KamalaHarris supported domestic terrorists during the 2020 election then she must be impeached when she takes office.

We must not have someone in office who actively promoted the financing of domestic terror.

According to news reports, Kamala Harris supported a fund for bailing out rioters. The names of the people who were bailed out will not be released, raising suspicions.

Democrats have thrown around all kinds of rhetoric in the aftermath of January 6. They’re now labeling those who participated in the crimes as “domestic terrorists.”

Putting the blame on Trump (who urged people to go home), they impeached him.

But if those standards are applied to all sides, then Harris should be culpable too, it seems. She did, after all, support efforts to release from jail people who did the same or worse, just in a different location.

Grenell says she should be impeached once she enters office. After all, Trump was accused of saying things. But Harris spent her hard-earned cash helping out wrongdoers.

Could she actually be impeached over that? Well, Democrats impeached Trump over a phone call—so anything’s possible.

It is unlikely a Democrat-controlled House will spend time impeaching one of their own. But wouldn’t it be nice if Congress actually showed equality for once?

Source: Twitter