Throughout most of Donald Trump’s presidency, many Democrats kept trying to obtain his controversial tax records. It quickly became a major talking point among politicos and the media.

To date, the issue still remains largely unsettled in the courts. However, it looks like some Conservatives are flipping the script — they want a probe into Joe Biden’s financial history.

So, after years of House Democrats pursuing Trump’s records, it’s apparently the other side’s turn.

Essentially, several groups of conservative activists want an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings overseas, which also includes Joe’s son, Hunter.

The groups cite the now-infamous laptop that allegedly revealed some questionable interactions with foreign powers, as well as more information concerning Hunter’s involvement with a Chinese company.

And now more details may come to light soon.

Via Breitbart:

A group of conservative activists and leaders is asking House Democrats who have pursued President Donald Trump’s tax returns to demand former Vice President Joe Biden’s bank records, given allegations of overseas business entanglements.

In many ways, it really does feel similar to the Trump tax probe, though right-wingers will contend that in this case, more evidence of wrongdoing exists.

The conservative leaders sent a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chair Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), and they argued that Biden’s records should be made public.

The letter included several accusations, and further claimed this information should be part of the public record:

As you know, allegations of just such wrongdoing and the lack of transparency have arisen over the last two months based on emails found on a personal computer belonging to Hunter Biden — the son of Vice President Joseph Biden — a computer whose authenticity has been established by the FBI.

As you also know, public record has established beyond doubt that vice President Biden repeatedly took his son on official trips to foreign nations and that soon after such trips his son’s companies we’re receiving millions in contracts from government related entities in those nations.

Their primary goal is to delve deeper into the business dealings on the part of both Joe and Hunter Biden. The only question is whether or not House Democrats will agree to the idea.

Either way, however, the timing is poor for Joe.

He fully expects to be inaugurated as President on January 20, and he likely doesn’t want any negative rumors or scandals floating about. It would only sully an incoming president’s reputation.

That being said, the Bidens have repeatedly defended their actions, saying nothing sinister or illegal happened between their family and China (or other foreign powers).

Of course, the conservative groups in question here disagree.

Now we’ll have to wait and see what comes of this latest motion to uncover more of the Bidens’ past.

Source:  Breitbart