President Trump has long vowed to put Americans first. That includes families and children, and he’s taking new swift action.

Democrats have battled him tooth-and-nail over his reforms in education. Powerful teachers’ unions (mostly run by Democrats) have opposed his efforts to provide school choice funding.

This year, millions of children had their educations disrupted, thanks to mandatory shutdowns by governors.

It may have set back the educational careers of an entire generation. In some states, the schools still aren’t open at 100%.

So, the president just signed an order to help many of them. From The Epoch Times:

President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order to provide scholarship funds for students seeking in-person learning alternatives such as homeschooling and “pandemic learning pods” due to widespread school closures.

The scholarships, according to the order, will be made available through an existing Community Service Block Grant program under the Health and Human Services Department to disadvantaged families whose children are denied access to in-person learning.

In many states, schools aren’t offering real, in-person classes. And you just have to ask a parent just how sub-par the few hours of “Zoom” classes are.

Because of this, numerous students aren’t getting the kind of education they need to succeed. Trump refused to let that stand.

So, as Democrat-run states continue to drop the ball, he signed an order to assist parents who want the best for their kids.

This order will provide funding for alternatives to public school “online” classes. It will provide homeschooling resources and other options for parents in need.

Most public schools refuse to reopen at 100%, thanks to teachers’ unions who put themselves before the kids. They are left with online classes, and not nearly enough to ensure the children are getting the education and attention they need.

Many parents cannot sit at home and make sure their kids are even attending these online classes. How many students are falling through the cracks, because governors refuse to budge?

This order by Trump will hopefully bridge the gap, so children can actually get an education.

Source: The Epoch Times