We’ve said this many times in recent weeks, but it bears repeating. The Georgia runoff races to be held next month will decide the fate of the Senate, and possibly the country.

Democrats are pouring millions into these races, hoping their far-left candidates take these Republican seats.

Given the oddities of the state’s presidential election results, Republicans should be worried over the integrity of these two races.

It seems they are not taking this race for granted. They have assembled an army to ensure no “irregularities” affect these races.

From Fox News:

Republicans in Georgia have recruited more than 4,000 volunteers to serve as poll watchers during the state’s early voting period ahead of the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs, part of what they call the “largest and most aggressive” ballot security operation in the state’s history.

And not just that, they’re putting their $$$ where their mouth is. From the Washington Times:

With the meter still running, GOP spending has topped $235 million and Democrats shelled out $144.1 million, the analysis shows.

The larger chunk of Republican spending — $121.4 million — has been in the race between GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock, her Democratic challenger. That compares to the $114 million attributed to GOP sources in Republican Sen. David Perdue’s reelection bid against Democrat Jon Ossoff.

That’s encouraging for Republicans, but it’s by no means the end of the story.

When it comes to money, Democrats have no limit. They get support from globalist businessmen, Hollywood celebrities, and Silicon Valley giants. And you better believe they’ll do anything to win this election.

If Democrats take the Senate, even if Trump is in the White House, it’s bad news for Republicans. If they win with Sleepy Joe behind the wheel, all bets for a free America are off.

So, of course, they’ll be highly motivated to win.

So, to ensure this is a fair and legal election, Republicans should definitely volunteer as election workers.

Don’t take for granted the election will be counted honestly. Eyes need to be watching every polling station. The future of the Senate depends on it.

Source: Washington TimesFox News