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There exist so many important actions that are performed by the liver and some of them are burning fat, discharge of the toxins and so on.

Some bad habits and also some bad nutrition affect the work of the organs in our bodies, including the liver. The function of the liver can be impaired and it needs to recover. You shall ingest healthy foods and also eliminate all of the harmful ingredients. This drink that follows has so many benefits, some of which are strengthened immunity, recovered liver, clean body, detoxified body and it can also prevent infection and inflammation, it is as well anti cancer and antioxidant and leads to improved metabolism, reduced cholesterol and blood sugar and also it has good effects on the skin.

Needed ingredients:
  • 2 lemons;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • A handful of parsley;
  • 200ml of water

Firstly, blend these ingredients and prepare for yourself a nice drink and then take it for a month at least two times on a day. Then after this, take a break of two weeks. Repeat again the same procedure after the two weeks have passed.