Texas Rushes To Fix Joe Biden’s Blunder – Governor Abbott Sends 500 Troops Straight To The Border

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden’s first act as president was to rollback many of Donald Trump’s policies. That includes significant progress Trump made to securing our border.

Thanks to Joe, there’s a crisis about to explode just a few miles away from many Americans.

Biden and the media refuse to acknowledge it—but it might affect everyone, pretty soon.

But Texas’s governor is not sleeping as the border falls apart. He is taking action.

From Newsmax:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has called out President Joe Biden’s lack of attention to the resurgent border crisis, and now is taking the matter into his state’s own hands.

The Texas National Guard will be deploying 500 troops to the southern border with Mexico to stem the illegal activity at the border, Gov. Abbott announced.

Gov. Abbott accused the federal government of creating a “gap” in our national security. By eliminating Trump’s border policy, Biden is making it easy for migrants to jump the border.

The end result has been overcrowded detention centers that were previously empty. Thousands of unaccompanied minors have been forced to stay in cells.

Fears of COVID spread are growing, as reports indicate migrants are released into the country—without being tested.

States along the border have all but been abandoned by D.C. They are forced to find their own solutions to this problem.

Gov. Abbott has ordered 500 National Guard troops to stem the tide of unlawful attempts to cross our border.

The governor had previously announced a major operation to defend Texas’s border. The state will be surging resources to ensure nobody can cross the border unlawfully.

We have to wonder why states like Texas and Arizona are forced to spend their own resources to fight back this tide? The federal government passes immigration laws—why can’t it enforce them?

Democrats have turned a blind eye to the border for years. They attacked Trump for trying to secure it.

Now, they pretend like there is no crisis happening. But reports suggest Biden’s team is panicking. They know the crisis out-of-control and that Americans won’t ignore it.

He’ll either have to reinstate some of Trump’s policies or suffering tremendous fallout from the spike in crime and other problems, brought on by an unstable border.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s immigration policy is failing as the border becomes a crisis.
  • Texas governor is sending 500 National Guard troops to protect the border.
  • Abbott had previously announced an operation to surge support.

Source: Newsmax