Swing Voters Prepare Border Payback For Biden – Poll Says They’re Ready To “Make Democrats Pay” In 2022

As the border arguments continue to rage, President Joe Biden faces hefty backlash concerning his more lenient policies.

While Democrats refuse to call it a “crisis,” Republicans and Conservative voters are citing multiple concerning border reports.

And those voters are making it plain — this could cost Democrats dearly in 2022.

The residents in key swing districts are coming down hard on the President and his lax border policies, as evidenced by a recent poll.

The poll shows that in 16 battleground districts in 15 states, the majority of voters lay the blame at Biden’s feet.

And they’re not going to forget the impact any time soon.

Via Washington Examiner:

Residents in key swing districts are angry about the historic border crisis, blame President Joe Biden for it, and stand ready to make the Democrats pay for it in the 2022 midterm elections, according to a broad new survey…

48 percent strongly agree that Biden’s at fault for the crisis, according this Heritage Action for America survey.

Furthermore, the effect could have long-lasting effects for Democrats in the future.

In a separate survey, by On Message Inc. of Virginia:

And 50% in those districts said that they are ‘less likely to support Democrat candidates in the 2022 election for Congress’ as a result of the surge over the border greenlighted by Biden…

The latter survey found basically the same results in 16 suburban swing counties in 10 battleground states.

More swing county voters believe “Americans should come first” (76%-72%), while most also believe unregistered residents should be deported.

Said Executive Director of Heritage Action:

These polls prove that Americans of both parties are rejecting Biden’s open-borders agenda by wide margins.

Americans know what the administration refuses to admit: the border is in crisis, and Biden’s weak policies are to blame.

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli calls all of this “the Biden effect.”

Many claim that almost the instant Biden started passing his far more lax border policies, the southern border became a gigantic issue.

This has become a #1 issue for Republicans and Conservatives, and many say it’s simply a case of national security.

At this point, Biden and Democrats might want to pay attention — because right now, these policies could cost them elections in the future.

Trump responded with:

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