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Many people have grown in families where the mother was strict and sometimes made the life a living hell. The constant trying to stay on top is difficult to bear, but an expert claims that those mothers who are strict have more successful children. Even it has been hell then, you will end up thanking her for the way she treated you.

The professor from the University of Essex, E. Rascon, conducted a study and it showed that mothers that are strict have more successful children. There were over 15,000 children that were analyzed, between 2004 and 2010, aged 13 to 14.

The children whose mothers were strict and had higher expectations, are more secure and confident. It was shown in the study that daughters with nagging and persistent mothers have 4 percent lower chance of getting prematurely pregnant. They were more likely to finish the college and get a great job.

Rascon says that sometime we do things that are most convenient for us, sometimes even against the parents. Most of the children consider the mothers that are strict as their true enemies while growing up, but that will actually help them later in life. The mother may make the life impossible and hell, but when you are an adult, you will end up thanking her. You will appreciate and recognize all her effort to raise you in the best way possible, and you will probably try to adopt that approach for your child.