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general jeff

general jeff

Following his announcement that he was recusing himself from any investigations into presidential campaigns, coming on the heels of reports he met with the Russian ambassador while he was advising Donald Trump’s campaign, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

At the start of the conversation, host Tucker Carlson brought up former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation over conversations with the ambassador and wondered why Sessions didn’t come forward before now to highlight his own meetings with the envoy.

With Sessions explaining that he believed Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was asking about campaign activity and Sessions’ role as a surrogate, Carlson responded that he took the AG at his word, but still wanted to know why someone on his staff didn’t say “perhaps we should clarify.” Sessions just said that he “never gave it a thought.” The Fox News host stated after that since the ambassador had been the center of news reports, “it just seems like a red flag might have arisen.”

After discussing the details of the conversations and Sessions’ decision to recuse himself for a few minutes, Carlson wanted to know if Sessions agreed with something President Donald Trump said earlier in the evening.

“Do see this as a witch hunt?” Carlson asked.

“I do not think what was said about that meeting i had with the Russian ambassador was legitimate,” Sessions answered.

By S.K.