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Fox News host Tucker Carlson got into an ardent debate with New York Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney Friday night over the left’s strung out accusations that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have perjured himself during his Senate confirmation process over questions about meeting with Russian officials. The media pitchforks have been out for a while on this subject and Maloney decided to get his two punches in with the following statement:


“Jeff Sessions’ opposition to equal rights already made him unfit to serve, but he lied under oath – he has got to go. We also need to look at the bigger picture here and figure out why he perjured himself and if there is more to this story. We need a no-kidding independent investigation into Russian hacking and influence. What are they hiding?”

Maloney kept on with those calls during his combative interview with Carlson on Friday, saying he believes there’s “more than enough” evidence of wrongdoing to ignite a deeper investigation into Sessions’ dealings with Russia.

Now why would a U.S. Senator ever meet with a Russian ambassador? Maybe to do HIS JOB!

Carlson made it clear that Maloney had labeled Sessions a “bigot” and “criminal” and wouldn’t take those unfounded accusations from the politician, noting that Sessions’ meeting with the Russian ambassador was in reality scheduled by the Obama administration last summer. But Maloney kept on with his accusations:

“I think it’s ominous that we now have multiple Trump officials in communication with the Russians about Ukraine.”

Carlson noted that two retired, high ranking U.S. military officers were also in the room at the meeting in question, stating that they would have come out and supported accusations if they had indeed been true…But they haven’t.

Still, Maloney demanded that an “independent” and “fair” investigation into the meeting between Sessions and the Russian ambassador be conducted.

By S.K.