What’s Happening:

Democrats and the media continue to push their version of the 2020 Election. They have sidelined any evidence of problems and they are demanding that everyone, including Republican lawmakers, must fall in line.

Some Republicans have given in, seemingly convinced that there is not enough evidence to over turn the result and concerned about rocking the boat in Washington.

But more and more Republican congressmen are standing up for Trump, and it looks like the left could be in for a surprise, come next Wednesday. From The Epoch Times:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said that about 100 Republican lawmakers might vote to object to Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes when the Joint Session of Congress convenes on Jan. 6…

“I think you’re going to have some people that come out and take a strong stand,” he said, adding that “I’m not going to be surprised if it approaches three figures.”

Republican Kinzinger, who appears to be for certifying the election for Biden, revealed he thinks that as many as 100 congressmen will oppose the vote on January 6.

Considering the man said, “I hope I’m wrong,” tells you all you need to know about this guy. He has no reason to suggest his fellow congressmen will vote against the election “results.”

So, if he’s saying that, it means many Republicans are joining the fight against what seems to be a sham election.

Rep. Mo Brooks has announced he will vote against certifying the election results. Senator Josh Hawley will also oppose, meaning there are enough votes in both chambers to trigger a debate.

This could possibly lead to Congress voting to reject certain state’s electors, on the grounds that there is significant evidence their elections were tainted—although this outcome is unlikely.

Do you think Republicans should challenge the 2020 election?

Source: The Epoch Times