What’s Happening:

Time Magazine can keep their bogus cover because Americans know who truly deserves recognition this year.

In a year of pandemics, lockdowns, riots, and uncertainty, the one leader coming through has been President Trump.

Few others showed the same commitment to helping Americans. In fact, most other leaders appeared clueless and visionless, compared to what Trump has done.

And one group, acknowledging Trump’s commitment to life, is bestowing on him the “Person of the Year” award.

From Christian Post:

A prominent pro-life group has named President Donald Trump as its “Person of the Year” for 2020 for his public policy efforts on abortion and judicial appointments.

Operation Rescue announced Tuesday that Trump was the recipient of its 2020 Person of the Year Malachi Award, having previously bestowed him with the honor in 2017.

Operation Rescue, a prominent pro-life group, is giving Trump this honor for specifically support pro-life policy and his judicial appointments.

Trump has broken records in the number of judges he’s appointed to federal courts. He has chosen strong, constitutionally-minded judges. And that’s not to mention the three justices he got on the Supreme Court.

That alone will go a long way in protecting life in America. These conservative judges will fight to uphold pro-life laws. And in the future, even Roe v. Wade might be overturned.

Trump has also supported various pro-life views as president. He has overturned previous orders that enabled more abortions around the world. And he has encouraged more pro-life legislation to be passed at the state level.

It’s no surprise that this organization would give him this award. But, the fact remains that the mainstream media will not report it.


In a year where they went out of their way to slander the president, making the pandemic much worse, the MSM will not acknowledge this achievement.

I guess it’s up to us to share it, huh?

Source: Christian Post