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Trump candidates

President-elect Donald Trump continued to push back against reports of turmoil and infighting on his transition team, tweeting Thursday morning that they have been “doing a fantastic job.”

The Republican also said the team “will be seeing many great candidates today.”

It was not immediately clear whether the team expects to announce candidates for Cabinet and White House positions today.

His former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said the same morning that the team has “long shortlists for every position.”

“Some would not surprise, and some would absolutely surprise you,” she told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

She also elaborated on reports about South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, saying that Haley and Trump will meet later Thursday.

The team is also expected to meet with the former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, General Jack Keane, Admiral Mike Rogers, and Ohio politician Ken Blackwell, according to the pool report.

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