What’s Happening:

Things aren’t great for America, when the so-called Commander in Chief has trouble with basic tasks.

Joe Biden claimed he’d be a much better president than Donald Trump. Oh, really? What have we seen from him since January 20?

He was hiding for weeks, signed a mountain of executive orders, rejected his own promise for unity, and there was that time he fell on the stairs.

But that’s only the beginning. Americans will worry even more, after this video comes out.

From Western Journal:

As Biden warned Americans that the ongoing health crisis was “deadly serious,” he conspicuously stumbled over his words on too many occasions not to merit comment from a public already concerned about the commander-in-chief’s cognitive health.

In the span of just 53 seconds, he made a number of concerning errors that are impossible to ignore.

As usual, Joe Biden was hammering fear and gloom down a country’s throat, that has already been coming out of a devastating lockdown.

He tried to urge senior citizens to get the vaccine, while claiming his brand of fearmonger was about “politics.”

Then he dropped a whopper of an egg, claiming the last administration did “nothing” about the virus and even ignored it.

That’s all par for the course for Biden. But even more troubling was the fact he could barely get out the words he was clearly reading.

The 78-year-old man couldn’t speak clearly for a minute. He slurred his words, mumbled a few of them, and had to repeat several phrases.

Um… is this supposed to instill confidence that he knows what he’s talking about?

Biden is lecturing us about our health, when he is clearly declining before our very eyes.

Have we ever seen him recently making an appearance, where he didn’t look sleepy, confused, irritable, or disoriented?

We’re supposed to believe this man is calling the shots in the White House, when he can’t say “vaccines” clearly?

Democrats want us to believe Joe Biden is fine and the real leader of our country. But he’s not doing himself any favors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden struggled through a speech directed at elderly Americans.
  • He slurred numerous words, while mumbling and struggling to read a teleprompter.
  • This comes as many Americans question Biden’s mental and physical health.

Source: Western Journal