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Nothing says “irony” quite like a British aristocrat lecturing Americans about their liberties.

That’s exactly what U.K. journalist and frequent blowhard Piers Morgan did early Sunday morning, but conservative commentator Ben Shapiro quickly put him in his place.

Morgan was replying to a Twitter post by pundit Tomi Lahren. “Simply being anti-NRA is not a solution,” she correctly pointed out about the protesters who have strangely singled out the gun ownership group as the epitome of evil.

“March FOR something, not just against everything,” Lahren continued.

It’s a decent point: Even if the people participating in “March For Our Lives” events truly believe that guns are the root cause of violence, they seem to be suspiciously devoid of actual ideas and proposals. The entire spectacle seems to be high on vitriol and low on solutions.

Piers Morgan apparently couldn’t stand someone defending the NRA, and jumped in to sanctimoniously scold Lahren.

“They’re marching for the right to save their lives from the NRA’s disgusting, gun-slathering, death-inducing propaganda,” the British media mogul declared. “That’s something.”

We’ll get to how almost every word of that statement is wrong in a moment. But first, Ben Shapiro.

Not willing to let Piers Morgan twist American freedoms into some sort of anti-Second Amendment screed, Shapiro put his wry wit and intelligence to use by hitting the Brit with a dose of truth.

“They already had that right,” the conservative figure shot back. “It’s enshrined in the same little book I gave you years ago, right before the Second Amendment. You really should read that thing.”

Score: Shapiro 1, Morgan 0.

Ben Shapiro was clearly being pithy, but his jab rings true. The U.S. Constitution seems completely foreign — literally — to Piers Morgan, who sits on the other side of the Atlantic wagging his finger at a far more successful nation that told the British where to go 242 years ago.

Both the First and Second Amendments are vitally important. Nobody is shutting down the marchers who wish to peacefully protest, because their right to do so is enshrined in the same Constitution that Morgan seems to hate so much.

Actually, armed and trained men were protecting marchers as they demonstrated and spoke, even though they may have disagreed about the message. The First and Second Amendments complement each other.

The simple fact is that keeping tyrannical elites — whether British or homegrown — in their place is exactly why the Second Amendment was so important when it was written, and continues to hold that relevance now.

You could even say that a pompous British busy-body telling American citizens to give up their guns is exactly why they shouldn’t give up their guns. We’ve seen this movie before, Piers.

The British fop’s statement doesn’t even make much sense, but quickly falls apart in the face of reality. Here it is again: “They’re marching for the right to save their lives from the NRA’s disgusting, gun-slathering, death-inducing propaganda.”

How does marching create a “right to save their lives?” A right is useless unless it is backed up in the real world, which is why the Second Amendment exists in the first place.

Does Piers Morgan think that when faced with a rampaging criminal bent on murder, holding up your hands and saying “Stop, I have a right to save my life” would do anything? Here’s what he’s missing: People must have the tools to defend their rights, which is exactly why citizens own firearms.

To Morgan’s chagrin, demonstrators are actually marching to take away the means for law-abiding citizens to save their lives.

Then there’s “the NRA’s disgusting, gun-slathering, death-inducing propaganda,” in the hate-tinged words of Piers Morgan.

What “propaganda” would that be, Piers? He seems to not have any idea about the organization he’s attacking, but imagines law abiding citizens as some sort of Nazis wearing SS uniforms. Maybe he saw David Hogg’s Hitler-esque salute and got confused.

In reality, the NRA is made up of ordinary Americans who happen to own guns. Some hunt. Others target shoot or own guns for self defense. The NRA promotes training programs, education, women’s defense classes, and safe gun handling. The horror!

“Death-inducing propaganda?” Actually, it’s the opposite: One of the programs that the NRA helps support is JROTC. It was JROTC students who helped save lives during the Parkland shooting, bravely stepping up to get others to safety. So much for that narrative.

That’s not even mentioning the fact that as concealed carry and overall gun ownership has increased, violent crime and murder in America has declined, not risen.

It’s time to put bloviating anti-Second Amendment figures like Piers Morgan in their place. Facts, statistics, and reality are powerful weapons… but a bit of Ben Shapiro-style quipping comes in handy, too.

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By S.K.