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At first, they were afraid Hillary would win so fast they wouldn’t have time to enjoy it.

When then-United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power gathered a host of liberal luminaries at her ritzy New York apartment to watch the 2016 election night results unfold as part of a documentary film project, it was a memorable victory party in the making.

The American people had other ideas, though, and the scenes from the party — and Power’s memories of that night — should bring a smile to the face of every supporter of Donald Trump.

The party started on a high note, as liberal gatherings throughout the country did on Nov. 8.

There was plenty of wine to celebrate, high-wattage liberal star power like feminist “icon” Gloria Steinem, former U.N. Ambassador Madeline Albright and female U.N. ambassadors from other countries. Power even had an HBO film crew on hand to record the scene for posterity.

They thought they were making a movie to commemorate the inevitable election of Hillary Clinton to the presidency, cementing Barack Obama’s disastrous record of unimpeded government growth onto a crippled country for the next four years — and potentially many more.

American voters, however, used the power of the ballot box to make those feelings known — beginning with Kentucky and Indiana as the first results came in and ending with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in the wee hours of Nov. 9.

Of course, the whole world knows how the election ended — “What Happened,” as Hillary might have it — but watching the scene that took place in Power’s apartment, as the grim truth of defeat gradually takes over the celebration, is well worth revisiting.

Thanks to “The Final Year,” a documentary/hagiography of the end of the Obama administration, Americans can get a real-time look at that party in Power’s apartment, which might have been the gloomiest place in New York City outside the official Hillary party at the Jacob Javits Convention Center (or the Ed Sullivan Theater, where Trump-hating “comedian” Stephen Colbert’s live celebration turned into a live meltdown.)

Most of the documentary, as P.J. Gladnick at Newsbusters put it, “is just boring propaganda with the theme of ‘look at how wonderful we are.’”

But the election night party opens about an hour and 16 minutes into the movie, and Hillary haters and Trump supporters can’t help but enjoy the crushing grief that descends as the results come in and reality takes over.

“Well, I’ve had a lot of bad ideas in my life, but none as immortalized as this one,” Power told Politico in a January interview about the movie.

That might have been one of the more honest statements to ever come out of the Obama administration.

But even better was Power’s admission that her biggest concern when the party started was that Clinton’s victory would come before her guests really got a chance to enjoy themselves.

“As the host, I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t be quite the blowout that it was anticipated to be,” she said, “because I wanted to make sure that people had a chance to interact with Gloria Steinem …

“And then, it slowly dawning on us that not only was this going to be much closer than anybody anticipated, but that it was not going to end well.”

It actually ended much better than most of America could have expected — even some of Trump’s hard-core supporters never thought he’d pull it off.

By the time Pennsylvania and Wisconsin sealed the deal for Trump, though, the party might have been over for Power and her guests, but for the rest of America, it was just beginning.

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