Nancy Pelosi And Maxine Waters Cross The Line In Speech – Then Media Tries To Blame It On Republican Louie Gohmert


What’s Happening:

Democrats forced a second impeachment against Donald Trump, despite a few days before the Inauguration. They accuse Trump of inciting violence over his speech on January 6.

But it seems the very Democrats who impeached him have impeachable track records themselves.

Just look at Maxine Waters on the House floor.

From Twitter:




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Rep. Maxine Waters: “[Trump] is capable of starting a civil war.”

And here is a little chestnut from Nancy Pelosi, something Trump would never say. From YouTube:

Nancy Pelosi, a U.S. elected official, resorts to extreme rhetoric by questioning why there aren’t uprisings against the U.S. government.

Republican Louie Gohmert called Nancy out on what she’s said in the past. But who did the media attack? The conservative, of course.

From Fox News:

Several members of the media wrongly went after Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, Wednesday and suggested that he was calling for more “uprisings” following last week’s Capitol Hill riot…

Many journalists attributed Pelosi’s quote to Gohmert.

Although Gohmert was quoting from readily available comments made by the Speaker of the House, several “journalists” seemed to think they were original quotes from the Republican.

They all expressed shock and outrage over what they claim Gohmert was saying. Funny how they didn’t feel the same way when Pelosi said those things in 2018 and 2020.

It begs the question: are these journalists just really bad at their jobs—or are they actually this biased and believe political violence is justified on one side, but not the other?

We have the video of Pelosi and Waters saying these things. There’s no doubt that Pelosi has said things just as controversial as Trump—if not more so.

Even to this day, the media claims they are unbiased and truthful. Then they do stuff like this.

Only after viewers called out these journalists did they delete their tweets and try to backtrack what they said.

Maybe, just maybe, if they did their jobs in the first place—that would not have been necessary?

Do you think Democrats like Pelosi and Waters should be removed from office for their explicit comments?

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