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Milo Trump

Milo Yiannopoulos talks about Donald Trump‘s true message

He said

“Trump is most pro-gay republican , defend gay people from Clinton 20 years ago ”

I’d also like to remind you thirty-nine percent of British Muslims say that a woman should always obey her husband what difference is my rhetoric make when one hundred percent of Muslims already believe that homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle choice that is a direct result of their belief system nothing.

I say is going to make a I want to focus on is protect people against that threat back to homosexuality Donald Trump’s also not the biggest supporter of gay people when it comes to marriage equality he once said he would consider appointing a landmark decision Supreme Court just ready to eat your views on that .

Donald Trump is probably the most pro-gay presidentialhe is definitelythe most program Republican candidate in history so if you’re somebody who believes in a small state and freedom but you’ve been put off sometimes by the social attitudes of Republicans Donald Trump is for you he was defending gay people against the Clintons 20 years ago Hillary Clinton will do nothing for gays and gays who ….

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